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Perspective—you have yours and I have mine. To understand one another, I will have to leave my “here” to curiously step into your “there”. In doing this, I broaden my view and I grow. But to address and understand different perspectives, I need to listen, really listen, and be present—both physically and mentally. Only by being present in the moment, can I fully receive all the information you are sharing with me? I hear what you are saying.

This year, TEDxCapeTown 2016 is Here/Hear to listen. We invite you to be in the moment with us at this year’s TEDxCapeTown “Here/Hear to listen” event. Join us in doing away with distraction, opening our minds and paying attention to world-changing ideas being shared. Be here to hear!

How can we better listen to better understand each other? Why is it so hard to consider someone else’s point of view? How do our beliefs shape our perspective? How does our perspective shape our world? And how can we find more effective ways of communicating that lead to better understanding and connection in a world riddled with conflict and war?

Come and explore these various topics from multiple perspectives with us. Join us in discovering ways with which we can exchange our points of difference for deep connection. We want our community to really see, hear and listen to this year’s talks and come to understand the role they play. TEDxCapeTown provides a platform for sharing “Ideas Worth Spreading,” but it’s up to the community to spread these ideas. Whether it’s sharing ideas online or having conversations in between sessions or days after the show, listen carefully and take the time to understand the perspective of all those in our TEDx community.

TEDxCapeTown is made possible by Accenture South Africa.

Tickets include:

  • A full day of inspiring talks
  • A nutritious lunch and two healthy snacks
  • An after party venue and more!