Our Food Ethos

At TEDxCapeTown, we envision a world where food is healthful, affordable, sustainable and ethical. As far as possible, we choose unprocessed, locally produced, plant-based foods that are organic and fair-trade. Plant-based foods have the smallest environmental footprints, are relatively cheap, animal-friendly and healthy. We plan to showcase great food that is in line with this ethos.

Food at TEDxCapeTown


Whole-food, plant based diets have numerous health benefits, including lower rates of heart disease, diabetes and cancer, and have been shown to improve the performance of many top athletes. Since plant foods are generally more affordable than animal products, these diets are usually accessible to even the poorest communities.


Plant-based diets are easier on the planet in a number of ways. Getting our nutrients directly from plants instead of first feeding them to animals removes the "middle animal" in our food supply chain, making it more efficient and less resource-intensive. Plant-based diets also use less land, less water, produce less greenhouse gas emissions and less pollution than animal-based diets.


TEDxCapeTown is for the humane treatment of animals, recognising their ability to experience pain and pleasure. By creating meals using only plants (including whole grains, legumes and beans, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds) we avoid supporting factory farming and farm animal abuse in general.

At TEDxCapeTown, we will do our best to find out if our audience members have specific dietary requirements, and will endeavour to meet these.