About Us

TEDxCapeTown is a platform that enables inspiring individuals to share their incredible ideas with an engaged and open-minded audience. Our speakers are carefully selected, trained, and empowered to deliver talks on our stage that give flight to their work and spark discussion among the greater Cape Town community.

TEDxCapeTown serves as a platform to showcase how we believe businesses and initiatives should be run in the future - a snapshot of a future world we want to create. TEDx enables us create an experience where our audiences can be immersed in this future world.

The core of TEDx: Ideas Worth Spreading

Our primary focus is to ensure that the quality of our TEDxCapeTown speakers, and the delivery of their Idea Worth Spreading is aligned with TED guidelines.

To ensure that the ideas shared by our TEDxCapeTown speakers reaches communities beyond our large event, we aim to engage our audiences and take the experience of our TEDx communities’ to new heights each year.

TEDxCapeTown team values

  • Think big, try something new
  • Act with a sense of urgency
  • Take risks
  • Have fun!
  • Think and act with initiative
  • Be consistent & open in all communication
  • Be fair and respect everyone
  • Honor commitments

What We Aim to Achieve

  • Showcase South Africa’s innovative changemakers to fellow South Africans and the rest of the world.
  • Facilitate interdisciplinary engagement and help break down the walls between great initiatives currently operating in their individual silos.
  • Help grow an ecosystem of innovation and positive change in society.
  • Provide a platform for idea spreading and inspiration that will result in sustainable value creation.

We believe in...

  • Clear and public accountability – know what you are responsible for, know what you can count on others for.
  • Trusted competency – ‘I know what you have to do and am confident you can do it. How you do it is your business’.
  • Give and take – asking for help is good and increases team cohesion.
  • Total transparency – inform others even if the issue does not directly affect them. Opinions are appreciated even if they fall outside your area of responsibility.

We encourage...

  • Shared glory – share success and blame. Each team member is equally accountable.
  • Meaningful mission value – believe that the mission is significant, important, and meaningful. The tasks are not trivial, they are aligned with the core vision of TEDxCapeTown.
  • Outcome optimism – the team members are confident that they can & will succeed in delivering the mission of the project.