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Since 2001, Bizcommunity have been building and refining digital publishing platforms for the promotion and showcasing of business communities. Their goal is to enable companies or individuals to manage a regular, professional reputation online by porviding platforms for sector-specific content publishing within a given region. Bizcommunity publishes 26 industry portals that go hand-in-hand with their free daily and weekly industry-specific newsletters, plus a weekly one-hour radio show/podcast called Biz Takeours. Altogether, these provide an overview of an industry category by category, targeted sponsorship and advertising opportunities, a mouthpiece for established players in the industry to publish news, opinion and analysis, a professional presence for individuals, consultants and freelancers to promote their service, and a welcoming environment for entry level, students and job seekers to get a foothold in the industry of their interest. Bizcommunity has aligned with TEDxCpeTown as part of its ongoing efforts to build communities that are strengthened through the sharing of knowledge.

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Communication & Engagement