Eve Annecke

Eve Annecke is intrigued by indigenous practice in an approach to child-centred human development, in nature. She co-founded Lynedoch EcoVillage, Lynedoch Early Learning Centre, and the Sustainability Institute. She has a Montessori background, and is steward for the Lynedoch land. Her focus is on transformative learning, connected to place. She is responsible for creating the SI’s approach to learning, and her masters level teaching through Stellenbosch University is in sustainability, complexity, environmental ethics and dialogue. She co-authored Just Transitions: explorations of sustainability in an unfair world (2012). She is currently completing a year-long project as participant, facilitator and teacher on Becoming Indigenous in the 21st Century at Schumacher College, UK. Eve has been on the SI board as founding director since 1999. She has two amazing sons, a wonderful godson, loves the wild, cooking, gardening and walking very far.
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