Siseko Siwali

Siseko Siwali
The Hive
Co-portfolio lead
Siseko is a thinker, dreamer, doer, talker, walker. He breathes running, and believes in doing hard things before the nice things. His favorite color is black, and he loves coffee - black. His greatest fear is not rising to the challenge, whatever the challenge might be, as a result one of his best practices is analysis - without the paralysis. He loves cakes (but only after runs), and is mentally allergic to most starchy foods. He's awkward (at times) and makes dry jokes - very dry according to some. The best way to speak to him is to just blurt it out, and allow him to process. He believes in honesty (even if at times it hurts). He loves dogs, and is traumatized of cats (he was attacked by multiple cats as a kid). He loves pasta, and most Italian foods, and anything meat. His superpower is strategy. He has a background in Media and Advertising.