How to grab hold of your narrative, with Dr. Sindiwe Magona

Dr Sindiwe Magona takes to the TEDxCapeTown Intersections of Change stage.

“I wasn’t going to throw my life away, just because other people told me I’m rubbish.”

A powerful line delivered by the inspiring Dr. Sindiwe Magona during our 4th virtual event, as part of our digital series: Intersections of Change. She first graced us with her presence during her TEDxCapeTownWomen talk - ‘Poverty is not invincible’ - in 2016, and now we got to hear from the award-winning author, motivational speaker, actress and teacher, once again. 

Grabbing a hold of your narrative: That was the foundation of her conversation. She encouraged us to take the steps forward and push for success, even when we feel like our circumstances won’t change. As a living example of how you can fight your way out of poverty, Dr. Sindiwe Magona reminded us that if we don't take the necessary steps or any step for that matter, we will stay in those positions. 

Although her focus was about the individual, she asked us some hard hitting questions of the whereabouts of “village South Africa”. We need to encourage others to harness their talents and skills just as much as we need the encouragement. Another focus was what we feed children from birth - the food that enriches their minds - and how important proper socialisation is in the development of young minds.

We have compiled some of the best quotes of the conversation for you below and if you’d like, you can dive back into the conversation over here.

“Believe in yourself, you are the best champion. Nobody can do for you more than what you can do for yourself.”

“Often in life, great good fortunes will come disguised as bad luck.”

“There is a lot of help in the world, but first you have to look for that help - find that help.”

“I don’t have deep pockets. I'm no Bill Gates but I have access to information, I find, I research and I steer people in the right direction. It is just linking needs with available resources.”

“You know - when we are born, we are equal. Nobody is rich or poor, it is what we will pour into that human being that will make a difference.”

“We are a village, you know that saying, it takes a village, to raise a child… What happened to our village that our children are murderers? That our children are rapists? And our children - the girl child, the womxn - is still a dependent? Even when they’re older? No woman should be anyone’s dependent.”

“Everybody, all God’s children on earth, should live lives that are worth having.”  

“We have equal opportunities at birth, what happens between genders, between races, it's what society puts into the children, it is as simple as that.”

“Every system produces itself, and we as individuals have to take a stand and say: I'm done with this, I don’t want to be this anymore. ”

“Empowering womxn is not giving them anything more than helping them become the best they can be. They already got that inside of them.” 

“Nobody is going to give womxn their freedom, womxn must build themselves and one another, through empowering womxn we will empower their children and society.” 

“You may think your situation is very bad, but unless you do something to change it for the better, it can and will get worse.” 

“Without our action, nothing will change, we have to be engaged. We are not just here to breathe, we are here to do the work that this country needs - that’s why we are in this country."