TEDxCapeTown launches Intersections of Change Digital series

TEDxCapeTown Digital series, Virtual events

The TEDxCapeTown team invites you to experience our Intersections of Change digital programme, a 10-part series of online conversations that give us an opportunity to better understand how we and the organisations around us are adapting to the current times. 

Our mission is to engage leaders and change agents from across the TEDx community about how they’re adjusting to a COVID-19 world, with conversations spanning the intersections of change from social development, economic investment, education, culture, tech and more. 

For the remainder of 2020, every online conversation/ webinar hosted, will include members from the TEDx ecosystem that we invite to share deeper insights on relevant topics chosen by the team, aligned with the theme Intersections of Change.

About Conversation One: Unmasking Social Impact 

“A future of Equality starts with fair access to items of basic need,” says Emer Butler, a [email protected] speaker that took to our stage in 2018. 

Currently, a junior software engineer and a passionate social entrepreneur, Emer started the organisation Ntombi.org - an organisation removing menstruation as a barrier to work, life, and play. Like most during this time, her life has evolved and she has shifted her focus to assisting those in need and providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and specifical masks to those who need it most, through her organisation Afika

In this conversation, we learned about her decision to pivot her focus to providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE),  the impact her organisation is having, and how you as the public can support her initiatives.

Click here to read the post-event blog and watch the recording. 

About Conversation Two: Forward to Normal with Rich Mulholland 

We explored how Rich and his company, went from slaying in the world of eventing and presenting with back-to-back bookings, to a net income of zero in less than 24hrs once Lockdown was announced in South Africa.

They had no choice but to adapt. However, Rich asked, ‘what if I made small and powerful changes instead of re-thinking my whole business?’ Within two weeks, he and his team were back at the top of their game in an area where they had no prior experience. He thus explores the term Atomic Adjacency (accredited to Matt Symms’ coined term One-Step Adjacency), which he believes enables you to have the agility and immediate responsiveness in any abruptly changing environment. During the conversation we dug deeper into this idea, its strategy, and how it may help you as we emerge into a “new normal”.

Click here to read the post-event blog and watch the recording.