#ClimateChange Champion - Meet Joshua Ngoma, EARN

Joshua Ngoma, Enterprising Africa Regional Network

Joshua is a retired mining engineer, serial business builder, business trainer, coach and mentor. He is the Founder and Chief Enabler of Enterprising Africa Regional Network (Pty) Limited (EARN),  purpose driven organisation, with a goal to create global impact through the development of a new generation of successful African Entrepreneurs. Unlike in other parts of the world, Africa has the advantage of a young growing population.  EARN aims to work with these young entrepreneurs to identify the opportunities and then develop and run successful businesses around them.

About EARN:

EARN operates in line with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs). Focusing on SDG 2 (Zero Hunger), and through our Agriculture subsidiary, African Greeneurs (Pty) Ltd (“AG”), EARN aims to develop indigenous African young men and women into successful Agripreneurs that will be able to responsibly establish successful and growth-oriented agri-enterprises, producing nutritious and health food to guarantee global food security while creating jobs and increasing prosperity.


About the event: 'How we can change so that the climate doesn't have to' - 

This is a collaborative event, between TEDxCapeTown and TEDxJohannesburg, with the main aim of calling fellow South Africans to action and mitigate the impact of Global Warming. The key focus will be to inform the public of local initiatives that they can get involved in, providing an avenue to have a positive ecological footprint, catalyzing a change in behavior.  The event will also loop in relevant TED Countdown content.


We asked Joshua a few questions: 

We are excited that you said yes. Tell us more about why you believe it's important that your organisation/ project participates in this collaborative virtual event?

Our main subsidiary, African Greeneurs (Pty) Ltd (“AG”), operates in the agricultural space both in training agripreneurs  and producing commercially.

What has being in lockdown taught you about yourself/ your team?

Considering that we were considered an essential business and allowed to operate throughout the various levels of lockdown demonstrated that we're in the right business.

What do you hope to gain from this experience?

To always plan your business that would in such a way that it would survive even during the unexpected.

What key message or inspirational quote would you like to share with our virtual event audience, currently in lockdown?

When you can't control what's happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what's happening.  That's where your power is.


Why EARN was formed:

Enterprising Africa Regional Network (Pty) Ltd (“EARN”) Group was formed with the aim and purpose of creating an enabling environment for African Entrepreneurs to grow profitable sustainable businesses that will compete regionally, nationally and internationally. This will enable African Entrepreneurs from various backgrounds to: EARN a decent living, EARN independence and respect, EARN dignity and pride, and EARN the continent the respect it deserves.

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