#ClimateChange Champion - Meet Chad Robertson, Regenize

Chad Robertson, Regenize

Chad Robertson is a social entrepreneur from Cape Town, focused on creating solutions that result in positive social and environmental impact using technology and innovation. He’s the CEO and Co-Founder of Regenize, and also currently completing his Mphil in Inclusive Innovation, focusing on the informal waste sector in South Africa.

Why Regenize was founded: 

The majority of residents struggle to recycle at home; it’s confusing, services are not accessible to all and there’s not enough incentive or punishment to change behaviour. However, South Africa still has a high recycling rate as a country, thanks to the informal waste collectors. Even though they are the backbone of the recycling industry, they work in difficult conditions, travel long distances and receive low and unpredictable income. Therefore, Regenize developed a free, inclusive and rewarding recycling solution, focusing on gamification and rewards to motivate people to recycle whilst partnering with waste pickers to perform collections. It uses a decentralised recycling operation within communities, partners with and provides the informal waste collectors with recycling tricycles, training, uniforms and mobile devices. The mobile devices are used to connect to households who have signed up for a collections service through our website or via USSD.


About the event: 'How we can change so that the climate doesn't have to' - 

This is a collaborative event, between TEDxCapeTown and TEDxJohannesburg, with the main aim of calling fellow South Africans to action and mitigate the impact of Global Warming. The key focus will be to inform the public of local initiatives that they can get involved in, providing an avenue to have a positive ecological footprint, catalyzing a change in behavior.  The event will also loop in relevant TED Countdown content.


We asked Chad a few questions:

We are excited that you said yes. Tell us more about why you believe it's important that your organisation/ project participates in this collaborative virtual event?

  Fighting climate change is important, but getting everyone involved in the fight is more important. Regenize is on a mission to make recycling accessible to all households, inclusive - by working waste pickers/skarellers/reclaimers - and rewarding - by incentivising residents for performing sustainable activities with our virtual currency, Remali.

What has being in lockdown taught you about yourself/ your team?

Lockdown has taught me how agile my team can be when it's required. It also highlighted and reminded me of the determination of each team member to ensure we are able collect residents recyclables and assist waste pickers when we are in the peak of lockdown.

What do you hope to gain from this experience?

To share our story, which can hopefully inspire someone else to create more impact or to collaborate with us to further develop our impact.

What key message or inspirational quote would you like to share with our virtual event audience, currently in lockdown?

The fight against climate change will be more powerful when the majority of the population have the ability to join the fight.



About Regenize: 

Regenize is a residential recycling solution that’s on a mission to make recycling more accessible, inclusive and rewarding. They provide residents a free recycling collection, partner with informal waste collectors to perform the collections and gamify the recycling process to ensure people stay motivated and become more than just recyclers.

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