#ClimateChange Champion - Meet Candice Mostert, Waste-ED

Candice Mostert, Waste-ED

Candice Mostert has been pioneering work with ecobricks and less-to-landfill solutions in South Africa for the past 10 years. She’s the founder of Waste-ED, and runs an education and action-based project. Waste-ED implement and manage waste to resource systems as well as collect and build with ecobricks. Through consulting, workshops, circular waste management strategies and introducing simple management technologies they create beautiful spaces out of waste and introduce collective and long-term solutions to deal with waste effectively in Africa.

About Waste-ED

Since 2012 the Waste-ED team have explored zero waste concepts in the event, business, home and community context. These experiences have shaped their waste management strategies which rely heavily on community participation. From pre-education to activations and separation systems, their team always leaves an air of awareness and excitement at every bin. 


About the event: 'How we can change so that the climate doesn't have to' - 

This is a collaborative event, between TEDxCapeTown and TEDxJohannesburg, with the main aim of calling fellow South Africans to action and mitigate the impact of Global Warming. The key focus will be to inform the public of local initiatives that they can get involved in, providing an avenue to have a positive ecological footprint, catalyzing a change in behavior.  The event will also loop in relevant TED Countdown content.


We asked Candice a few questions: 

We are excited that you said yes. Tell us more about why you believe it's important that your organisation/ project participates in this collaborative virtual event?

One of the biggest challenges we face is how we deal with our waste. Sharing on platforms like TEDx allows us to learn and make change much faster than traditional information sharing platforms and so it can play a vital role for waste education.

What has being in lockdown taught you about yourself/ your team?

It reminded us how quickly we, as humans, can adapt and the power we have to come together to get things done.

What do you hope to gain from this experience?

Exposure - so that more people know about simple waste management methods and self building technologies that they can implement themselves.

What key message or inspirational quote would you like to share with our virtual event audience, currently in lockdown?

Every person can make a big difference by doing lots of little things.



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