Gill Grose

Gill Grose
Gill Grose describes herself simply as a sixty-something serial volunteer who is a book, travel and tree lover, but there is far more to her story.

When the ex-librarian retired more than eight years ago, Gill looked for something constructive to keep her occupied and through a series of events she landed up volunteering 30 minutes of her time twice a week to help children who were struggling at school.

Gill however, soon realised that there was a much greater need and it wasn't long before she was volunteering four days a week at an under resourced primary school , and providing several hundreds of children aged 6 to 14 years, from largely disadvantaged backgrounds, access to books and advice about reading. An initiative that has been life changing for a significant number of her readers, as well as giving her life profound value.

Unlike many of our speakers who applied for the opportunity to speak at our main event on Saturday, 17 November, Gill was nominated by a couchsurfer. We are very happy that she very bravely thought, what the heckā€¦ she'd step up to the challenge!
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For the love of books
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