Lauren Jacobs

Lauren Jacobs
Lauren Jacobs is a ‘Her’storian, a word she chooses to describe herself as she is passionate about discovering and sharing women’s stories, especially from the past.

She began her career as a woman abuse counselor before spending the past decade as a Social Justice journalist. Her work focuses on gendercide, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), child brides, female literacy, theology and gender equality, as well as human trafficking and female atonement rituals in Africa. Her debut historical fiction book Yehudit Chosen by God (2016), won the prestigious ‘Desmond Tutu - Gerrit Brand Award’ 2017 for its powerful stand on justice for women. Her second historical work Shelamzion, Queen of Israel was released in September 2018.

She is an ordained minister, and she has a BA degree in Psychology and English, an Honours in Counselling Therapy and a Masters degree in Divinity.

Lauren had a sense, that 2018 was the time to apply to be a TEDx speaker. Coupled with that, was growing the idea and narrative that she felt certain the world needs to hear right now. “The narrative that says, women’s lives matter, women's’ history matters, women’s stories really do matter.”

She hopes the TEDxCapeTown speaker experience will be filled with personal growth and fresh vision for the future. She adds that, “I hope to see lives changed. I hope the audience will be deeply moved, especially women when they hear that their stories and their lives hold unique value and deserve to be preserved for future generations. We all are a living story and we will leave something behind that deserves re-telling.”