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  • One Event: R80
  • Two Events: R120
  • Three Events: R140

Three different events and themes, all part of a TEDxCapeTownSalon series.

What to expect:
An intimate setting (80ppl) for you and others who are passionate about our oceans, sustainability and the great potential for positive change that can be realised in the world.
You will gather to share ideas and engage in meaningful conversations sparked off by the ideas shared by our speakers.
We have curated a powerful speaker lineup whose expertise and work cover the themes listed below.


Event 1: Deep Challenges

  • Dr. Wendy Foden
  • Richard Hardiman
  • Dr. Kerry Sink
  • Mike Markovina


Event 2: You and Me

  • Dane Duplessis
  • Hayley McLellan
  • Dr. Serge Raemaekers
  • Tim Conibear

Event 3:  Interactive session - get intimate with our speakers!

Discussions in small groups, made up of two TEDxCapeTownSalon speakers and a facilitator.

Screening of TED Talks followed by lively conversations and egagement.

  • Event 1: Deep Challenges. Four live speakers and conversations
    This event will focus on talks that are at the forefront of scientific research, technology and efforts in tackling issues directly affecting the marine environment.
  • Event 2: You and Me. Five live speakers and conversations
    This event will focus on talks linking people and the actionable solutions being implemented in and around our oceans.
  • Event 3: Interactive session - get intimate with our speakers! Lively facilitated informal discussions with speakers, as well as screened TED talks.