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We call ourselves “the artisan roasters of Africa” because we emphasize a hands-on mastery of all the aspects of coffee crafting - from the careful selection of our green beans, to the precise roasting, blending, grinding and pouring of the coffee. By giving credence to the artisans of this world, we hark back to a pre-industrial, premass-produced era when artisans took immense pride in their vocations, and superb quality was taken as a given. Every link in our coffee chain has been painstakingly forged with the same passion, patience and pride in our craft. And this commitment doesn’t end at our door; wherever Origin is poured, you’ll know that it’s safe to drink the coffee. It will always be freshly roasted, ground, and poured to perfection by an Origin-trained barista. Take the time to visit us at Origin Headquarters in Cape Town and get the full experience. You can meet the artisans, watch the roasting, sit in on a cupping session, and get to taste the coffee while it’s still fresh...