The Innovation Hub

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The Innovation Hub is a community of successful, innovative companies. Established in 2001, The Innovation Hub (TIH) is a science and technology park whose main aim is to increase the wealth of its community, by promoting the culture of innovation and the competitiveness of its associated businesses and knowledge-based institutions. For over 10 years, The Innovation Hub has supported the growth of innovative companies across sectors such as ICT, Biosciences, Green Technologies and Industrials. The value proposition is based upon a pre-defined precinct (physical location), a physical community of innovators and value of being a resident company at The Innovation Hub brand. The physical environment is conducive for collaboration amongst participants, leading to increased innovation levels through proximity association, shared goals and facilitation through physical events eventually contributing to making the residents more competitive than their counterparts situated outside The Innovation Hub precinct. Our environment provides value-adding business services to support the growth of technology-rich business enterprises over the long-term to increase the wealth of the local knowledge intensive community, promote a culture of innovation, and stimulate the competitiveness of companies and knowledge-based institutions.