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Chaat (Noun) is a Hindi term describing savoury snacks, typically served at road-side tracks from stalls or carts in India. Chaatter (Noun) is an adventurer looking for new flavours from all corners of the world; chatting up locals for the secrets from their city while sparking new ideas! Food&Chaatter is a platform that connects diverse communities to exchange and learn new ideas, while sharing delicious food. Having attended TEDxCapeTown this year, Ovi and I were inspired by the team's passion to transform ideas into action. Food&Chaatter actually started off as a series of impromptu events, where old and new friends gathered together to explore the delicious gems in Cape Town. After a year, we realized that this is where new friendships are formed, and ideas sparked from sharing meals with another stranger! We are excited to join the TEDx team for City 2.0, and hope to "spice up" the event with our curated menus! Contact us at [email protected] or @foodandchaatter, or find us on Facebook: FoodAndChaatter