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BOS /bos/ noun, adj & verb -n. deliciously refreshing iced tea made entirely in South Africa with enormous integrity and care. a cool tea with a cool taste in a cool can. -adj. possessing out the box originality, unleashed energy, robust health and an exuberant capacity for joy wildly inspired. typically presented in Afro pop packaging. colloq. mad. outrageous. rooibos - verb intr. go bos -verb tr. bossificate (as in to Bossify, to be converted to BOS, or to subscribe to the BOS way of life) --- BOS is a range of refreshing organic rooibos ice teas blended with all-natural fruit flavours – peach, lemon, apple, berry, lime & ginger and cranberry. It is preservative, colorant and caffeine free. The BOS packaging is bold, colourful, and graphic, exuding a youthful, and open spirit. BOS Ice Tea appeals to people of all ages who have an optimistic outlook on life, an appreciation for great aesthetics, and a desire to maintain a health lifestyle. The BOS philosophy is: “Being healthy and being robustly cool haven’t always gone together, but they can.” BOS premium quality organic rooibos is farmed exclusively at Klipopmekaar rooibos farm and private nature reserve. At the vanguard of organic and ethical farming, Klipopmekaar’s approach is intrinsic to the BOS experience. BOS plants and maintains 1 tree for every 2000 cans sold or packs sold. We focus this initiative in under-privileged and under-greened schools and public spaces. BOS likes to engage, have fun, give joyful experiences and share a sense of life and living. Ted-X stands on the forefront of innovation and celebrates individuals who are pushing the envelope or expanding our understanding of the world, and as the only preservative, colorant free, organic ice tea and sport recovery drink available these are ethics and people who we would like to support and be associated with.