#ThePowerOfX Speaker: Meet Dr Mao Amis

Dr Mao Amis takes to the TEDxCapeTown stage in 2021.

Dr Mao Amis is the Founder of African Centre for Green Economy (African Centre), a research think tank based in South Africa. He has 15 years of experience in the green economy sector in Africa as well as globally. Dr Amis advises on a range of topics including climate finance, climate-smart agriculture, water stewardship, public-private partnerships, inclusive business models, and corporate sustainability strategies to name a few. 

He holds an MSc and PhD in Conservation Biology from the University of Cape Town and serves on various Boards as a non-Executive Director, including the Table Mountain Fund (TMF), South African Renewable Energy Business Incubator (SAREBI), and the Freshwater Research Centre. 

On our stage this year, his talk will be about the leadership provided by grassroots communities in building ecological and economic resilience. We are just as excited to hear his idea worth spreading as you are! 

We asked Mao a couple of questions to help you get to know him, before he takes the TEDxCapeTown stage. 

What is your passion/ what gets you out of bed in the morning? 

I'm passionate about nature and the power of green entrepreneurship. 

Your number one reason for wanting to give a TEDx talk this year. 

To share my experience of working with communities to drive climate action.

Any favourite TED /TEDx talks? 

“Start With Why” by Simon Sinek

What's your X? AKA: What's something you're really great at?

I speak 5 languages (English, Kiswahili, Arabic, Kakwa, Lugbara) and went to school in 4 different African countries (South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa).

If you could sing a duet with anyone, who would that be?

Dolly Parton.