TEDxYouth@CapeTown 2022: Apply to be a speaker!

Our Leap Ahead

Tell us why you think you would be a great TEDx speaker! Please read our 2022 event theme description, 'Our Leap Ahead' before applying.

Important to note - All potential speakers must be available on these dates:

  • Speaker Workshop One - 15 October
  • Speaker Workshop Two - 29 October
  • Speaker Workshop Three - 12 November

THEME 2022:

Wait a minute - What is actually going on right now?

[insert a chaotic rewind of the past two years]

We are living in a time of intense history. A time that is changing the future way more than we expected.

We often wait to take action or spend what feels like forever waiting for the right moment to start. Why don’t we focus on actually doing?

Instead of blindly agreeing that “the youth are our future,” we need to ask ourselves how we see that future. What is the future that we want?
What is the future that we need?

In November 2022, TEDxYouth@CapeTown brings to you a main event in a way we’ve never done before, with the theme - ‘Our Leap Ahead’.

What were you doing before all of this craziness? What are you doing now? And what do you want and need to do in the future?

These past two years have felt like somewhat of a massive leap. It has made us jump forward to a new way of doing and being with one another. Now, it’s time for us to stick the landing and keep leaping forward. Together.

Let’s make like a frog and leap.