Roeshdien Jaz on how Creativity has inspired hope

Roeshdien Jaz_TEDxCapeTown

“I have thoughts and I have dreams to live a better life. Give me opportunity and I will do what’s right.”

These are lyrics from the single, Sing to me of Hope by Roeshdien Jaz - vocalist-songwriter-recording artist, Integral (EQ/EI) Practitioner Coach and Leadership Development Specialist. 

He joined us on our virtual stage to talk about how creativity has inspired hope for him, since 2012. Roeshdien was diagnosed with colon cancer then, and his journey of self-reflection includes unpacking the power of Integral Emotional Intelligence (EQ/EI) and how elevating one's emotional intelligence can literally “save” your life (Self-awareness/ Self-management/ Social awareness/ Relationship management). 

Roeshdien is currently conceptualising his first book titled, “How Cancer saved my life…” (The Power of Integral Emotional Intelligence, a practical guide to navigating through times of deep turbulence and uncertainty). “I don’t believe that I overcame or survived Cancer, but from a spiritual perspective, I believe that I’ve just been blessed with a bit more time to fulfill what I believe to be my soul purpose and assignment on this planet.” Roeshdien’s goal is to elevate awareness/ execution around integral emotional intelligence and share the fundamental role it played in his holistic healing journey, both through his music and as an Integral Practitioner Coach. “Integral EQ is about taking the conversation of emotional intelligence to the progressive next level,” says Roeshdien. He believes that integral EQ is the next currency that will need to dominate the next couple of decades in perpetuity from both a personal, professional, educational, leadership, organisational and global perspective. Our sustainability depends on it.

EQ Matrix - Roeshdien Jaz
The EQ Matrix - Roeshdien talked about during the conversation. 

The book Roeshdien is working on, is inspired by one of his favorite quotes by Mark Twain - “The two most important days of our lives, is the day we are born and the day we find out why.” He aims to elevate awareness, inspire hope, fortitude and courage for many others faced with personal challenges. 

To stay aligned on his personal growth journey, Roeshdien shared his daily mindfulness practice, a PIES check-in, which is an acronym for: Physiological, Intellectual, Emotional, and Spiritual. He invites all of us to spend a few minutes each day (Tip: set a recurring reminder on your mobile phone), asking ourselves:

  • Physiological - Am I experiencing any tension or discomfort in my body right now in this very moment? 
  • Intellectual - What am I thinking about right now at this very moment? 
  • Emotional - How would I describe my emotional experience right now in this very moment?
  • Spiritual - What am I extremely grateful for in my life right now? 
  • And most importantly, how do I want to be remembered: Your Legacy?

With an elevated sense of awareness, we can drop down into execution and ask ourselves, “What’s been working, what’s not been working and what would I like to DO differently?”. 

Roeshdien shared with us the four hashtags that govern how he chooses to show up in the world and impact the lives of others - #ActFromAwareness; #MindfulnessNotPerfection; #BalanceNotPerfection; #ProgressNotPerfection

During the lockdown, he has remained mindful, grateful, balanced, creative, and inspired to support local organisations doing good, including the ‘Ihata Shelter for Abused Women & Children’, in Heideveld, Cape Town. His latest single, released on 31 July 2020, Want what you can’t have (The Remix), features Cape Town well known legendary female emcee and vocalist, EJ von Lyrik (GODESSA), currently based in the Netherlands. Available on all major digital download platforms in association with Gallo Music SA, respectively. All digital download sales proceeds go towards the Ihata shelter. (Music with a Purpose).

“It’s been a privileged labour love, as one of my dear friends, Nuraan Osman (Ihata Shelter: Director), with whom I have collaborated with, in retrospect, one of my live shows in support of 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, who continue to do the much needed, incredibly challenging healing work to uplift, elevate and empower the precious women and children in our communities. I salute them, and the many other purpose-driven organisations, the often-forgotten REAL HEROES on the front line, supporting our people, especially during these times of deep turbulence and uncertainty. We all have a role to play, respectively. Long live the Ihata Shelter for Abused Women & Children. For the love of music and people development," Roeshdien Jaz. 

Watch Roeshdien's conversation on our virtual stage via our YouTube channel below: