#OurLeapAhead Speaker: Meet Kumbirai Makanza

Kumbirai Makanza, TEDxYouth@CapeTown 'Our Leap Ahead' Speaker 2022

Kumbirai Makanza is a multiple award-winning cleantech entrepreneur that’s passionate about Africa and its potential for sustainable development. 

His experience as a renewable energy and energy efficiency professional has allowed him to cultivate an incredible understanding of this space; turning his passion into obsession as he finds ways to leverage technology, big data and community-driven solutions to transform Africa’s potential into reality. 

His current goal is to find innovative and unique business models which offer a delicate balance of people, planet and profit. Kumbirai will be taking the TEDxYouth@CapeTown stage to inspire a change in mentality of  sustainable development in Africa, with a focus on turning remittance into sustainable investment.


We asked Kumbirai a couple of questions to help you get to know him, before he takes the TEDxYouth@CapeTown stage.


What is your favourite TED Talk? 

‘Economic growth has stalled. Let’s fix it’ by Dambisa Moyo.

What is your passion/ what gets you out of bed in the morning/ who or what inspires you?

The African growth story.

What's your X? AKA: What's something you're really great at? Big or small; obvious to those you meet or under the radar, we want to know what your everyday superpower is.

Random facts from (very random) documentaries I watch.

If you could time travel, where would you go?

To the next lotto draw (although there is no time like the present, I believe that Africa is at the precipice of greatness. I’m excited to be part of the continent's great "renaissance").

What's your favourite snack?

Poke bowls.