Open Mic Night - an event that truly encompassed our ethos: “ideas worth spreading”.

Open Mic night

The first Thursday of each month is always special in Cape Town, but the first Thursday of this month was an extra special one.

The 5th of March saw TEDxCapeTown proudly host its first ever Open Mic Night - an event that truly encompassed our ethos: “ideas worth spreading”.

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Aya Soleombela_Open mic night TEDxCapeTown

More than 30 brave individuals took to the stage at the American Corner, located at Cape Town’s Central Library, to share their ideas to an eager TEDx team and audience. The catch? Participants only had 2 minutes to pitch the idea they believed could make it to our main event stage later this year.  

It was an incredible evening, filled with brilliant ideas and amazing people. Potential speakers from all ages and backgrounds took to the stage, nervous at first, but ready to make an impact. This event was not only a great way for our team to cast its net wider and find incredible, unique ideas, but it was a great way for potential speakers to test their limits and step outside of their comfort zone. Stepping up and sharing your ideas is not always easy, but challenging the status quo and compelling people to think differently about something can make an attempt worth it. So, to those that participated in TEDxCapeTown’s first Open Mic Night - thank you and good luck! Our Speaker Team is hard at work identifying the ideas that will make it to the next stage of our selection process, while the rest of the humans behind TEDxCapeTown piece together what we believe will be a great, thought-provoking 2020 main event!


If you’re feeling down about missing the event, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are just a few of our favourite quotes from the evening: 

  • “You get to choose which inner monologue you listen to each day. Be brave enough to show up and live who you are, and live an authentic life.”

  • “There’s very much an attitude in society as a whole, where women are not allowed to age. We are not forgiven and we don't forgive ourselves”

  • “If your attitude is just right, life is just a bit better. Do you believe that your thoughts have something to do with your destiny? Yes or yes!?”

  • “No one cares about anything except, can you or can’t you”

  • “Be a host to your heart. Don’t be a hostage to your mind. Share your truth”



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