Meet Vuyo Joboda: Moderator for 'Where to from here?'

Vuyo Joboda_TEDxCapeTown

Vuyo Joboda is a Global Author, Entrepreneur, International speaker, Talk-show host, Producer, Director, MC currently studying film and media at The University of Cape Town. Vuyo is also the proud Founder and CEO of VN (The Vuyo Joboda Network)

She is also the founder of “Young Bold Black”, a social movement that creates a strong network of support for young black professionals from all over Africa. 

Vuyo took to the [email protected] stage in 2017 to share her talk, “There is hope…” and has since taken her “Connected Youth University” roadshow to 20 tertiary institutions across the country, Mced on various global stages as well as written and self-published a book entitled, “21”. 

We asked Vuyo a few questions… 

What has being in lockdown taught you about yourself?

Lockdown taught me that I have a wonderful ability to find solutions to problems. It was during the silence of lockdown that I made this discovery and to this day I understand that skills are one of my greatest assets. I am a problem-solver. I also understood how optimistic I am, I knew I was positive but optimism is also a skill that I hold that shapes my life in avenues I didn't know existed. Lockdown also taught me that I live working hard and doing what I enjoy. All I did in lockdown was work!

What do you hope to gain from this experience?

We are in a global time of transition of change, The world is changing and I am looking forward to hearing more from the speakers on their thoughts and ideas on how change can be implemented in this time. I am hoping to gain knowledge and view things from different perspectives.  

What key message or inspirational quote would you like to share with our virtual event audience?

We are living in a time that will change the course of history forever. Let's break boundaries, let's innovate, let’s create, there is no better time than this. 

Tell us more about why you believe personal evolution, trying new things, and carving new paths is important?

It is very important to continuously evolve personally because we are evolving beings. The world around is on a constant mission to be different and respond differently to things around. With evolution comes change and with change comes power and with power comes the responsibility of purpose and we are the breed of beings that depend on the intuition of purpose to develop. Personal evolution is the foundation of a harmonious society and we strive in harmony hence. Evolve, adapt, and grow. 

Interesting to note:

In 2020, during the global pandemic, she founded a Digital Media, TV, and Broadcasting Network called VN: Vuyo Joboda Network. In three months since inception, the fast-growing network has a global imprint and presence in South Africa, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, USA, and London. Alongside her business partner Swakhile Mashwama, they aim to grow the network and platform to being one of the biggest contributors of opportunities and growth motivators of value in media, TV, and broadcasting for young talented people looking into growing their global brands as TV presenters, brands and creatives not only in Africa but across the globe. 

Vuyo is dedicated to her efforts to improving the African continent through her advocacy in Literature, Media and Entertainment for the African continent. She is currently running “The Masterclass by Vuyo Joboda” where she helps share her practical, academic, and research knowledge about the industry to young people across the continent. 

She has been acquired by the International USA publishing house “13th & Joan.” as the first African ambassador for the house. The autobiographical novel explores the principles to living a purposeful life and maximizing one’s fullest potential. Vuyo has been acknowledged by the President of South Africa and Chairman of the AU, Cyril Ramaphosa, as one of South Africa’s emerging leaders and has the first-ever self-titled talk show, “The Vuyo Joboda Show”, on BRICS TV - which airs to over 32 million homes across the African continent. 

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