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Intersections of Change

[email protected] is taking over the TEDxCapeTown virtual stage and inviting you to join us for a two-part conversation about the power we each have to evolve, carve new paths and try new things, with a workshop to show you how.


The world seems to be brimming with choices and opportunities - it’s up to each of us to seize the moment and determine “Where To From Here?”. (Super inspirational, right?)

This year alone has taught us that nothing is set in stone. Despite this, we tend to limit ourselves and believe that we cannot achieve before we have even tried.

In 365 days, your life could be entirely different. Conversation Eight and Nine in the Intersections of Change digital series aims to help guide your next step. And this is how:

Friday, 20 November (Day 1): Conversation 8 is a Panel Discussion  

It has been a couple of years since our speakers shared their ideas on our stage, and where they were then is very different to where they are now.

Nowadays, you can be more than one thing and constantly evolve. This sounds very exciting but for many, trying new things or putting oneself out there can be a rather daunting experience or one that feels very foreign.

Our speakers come from different walks of life and are on different paths, but they still share a common characteristic - they are always thinking “Where To From Here?”. 

We invite you to join the conversation and hear about their experiences, how they’ve gotten to where they are, and what new plans are in the works. 

We hope that you can walk away (or in this case just close the tab) from this event feeling inspired to take on your next challenge, knowing that failure may be an option but it is not the only option and that there is so much out there waiting for you to discover.

Saturday, 21 November (Day 2): Conversation 9 will be a Workshop via Zoom (a sign-up link will be added soon) 

You’ve heard the tips and tricks from our panel on Day 1, but you may still need a slight nudge to help you start putting your plans into action.

This workshop will give you the unique opportunity to meet and engage with some of the other audience members on Zoom, and share your thoughts and experiences.

More details to follow.