Let’s rethink social impact

Imagine a future where every person has access to work, food and finance. A future where every community can thrive. Through innovative use of digital currency, we’ve made that possible. By age 13 Kyle discovered a passion for 3D design which led to extensive self study. Four years laters at 17, he’d secured a full time job at an architectural visualisation company, and 2 years after his work had landed him a job at the top visual effects company in South Africa. When he was 19, Kyle became interested in photography and within 3 years he had 3 photos published by National Geographic. Kyle spent the bulk of his twenties co-founding a company that is using technology to help individuals reach the needs of their communities. In 2018 Kyle resigned from his company and then moved back to South Africa to pursue an even more ambitious idea that he believes has the potential to eradicate avoidable poverty in our lifetime. And so Vollar was founded.