Workshop17, Watershed, V&A Waterfront, 17 Dock Road.

We should feel privileged to live right now, when the possibility to expand our imaginations and our world, more than ever before, IS within reach,” said TEDxCapeTown speaker, Adriana Marais. A South African theoretical physicist and Mars One candidate astronaut. For her, the allure of the unknown has always been more powerful than the comfort of the known.

Young people today have access to knowledge centers (physical and online) broadening their understanding of what's possible. Traditional industries now more than ever require soft and hard skills, and the drive to develop technology-based education is on the rise.

But how have we (and can we) use this power of technology to stretch our imaginations, and improve our lives in the short-term and long-term to ensure generations after us live a holistically improved life?

Join us as we explore the milestones, the key learnings and the (im)possible!

17 Dock Road
Watershed building
V&A Waterfront
[next to the Two Oceans Aquarium]
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