Talysa Rudah

Talysa Rudah
Speaker coordinator
Talysa Rudah joined the TEDxCapeTown team in April 2021.

She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Cape Town, where she specialised in a Bachelor’s in Film and Media Studies. After completing her undergraduate degree she went on to do her postgraduate degree at the UCT Graduate School of Business, where she specialised in Management Practice.

Professionally, she is currently working for an organisation called Beautiful News, a positive news platform that aims to share and celebrate inspiring stories about humanity. Her role within the organisation has been to source stories that reflect the work that is being done by individuals and organisations to alleviate social issues such as unemployment, food security, racial discrimination and gender inequality. She strives to tell stories that amplify the lived realities and experiences of people from all walks of life. As a storyteller, she believes that she has a responsibility to society. She says, ""the way communities are framed in my stories contributes to perceptions and awareness. I have found purpose and meaning in ensuring that people are seen, heard, understood and valued.""

Her favourite TEDxCapeTown Talk is by Tegan Phillips and the talk is titled 'The funny thing about courage.' Her second favourite Talk is by Ibram X. Kendi and the Talk is titled 'The difference between being ""not racist"" and antiracist.'

Talysa is passionate about education and contributing to progressing equality in society. When she is not attempting to change the world, she enjoys the outdoors, music and art.