Rosie Downey

TEDxCT Women
Rosie Downey is an educator with a passion for nature, gender issues, agriculture, and transformative education. She teaches adventure-based immersive-learning courses in India and Nepal as part of Stellenbosch University's Masters in Sustainable Development. She also runs several programmes at the Sustainability Institute focusing on training emerging farmers in organic agriculture and developing more equitable agricultural livelihoods for women. Prior to moving to South Africa 4 years ago, Rosie worked as a marine biologist and educator in sustainability and conservation for the Australian government and various organisations for 10 years. She holds a Graduate Diploma in Education from Monash University, a Bachelor of Science, a postgraduate research degree from the University of New South Wales, and training in youth and crisis counselling. Behind her work is a deep belief that human society can transition to a one that is more equitable and just, which recognises planetary boundaries and can overcome our global disconnect from the ecosystems, plants and animals that co-inhabit this earth.