Jeff Brooker

Jeff Brooker
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King of Sustainability
My name is Jeff Brooker and I am 19 years old. I am a Theatre-Making student at UCT, currently in first Year. I have a serious passion for performance and the arts. As much a I see myself as an artsy person, I also am very logical and admin loving. The intersection between productivity and creativity is where I live. My reason for becoming a theatre director is I wish to share my own and others stories to better the hearts and minds of our communities. This concept of sharing is what draws me to TED X as an organisation. Favourite TED talk: The transformative power of classical music by Benjamin Zander as this talks to the details and technique of music and how it can be applied to life. He talks about many different ways that classical music has changed his and others lives without it even trying. It has so many lessons in the short video and I start any group project I am involved in with a showing of this TED talk.