Holly Jade Wiggill

Music Director
A recovering Music Journo slash PR chasing a career in artful and thoughtful communication. Holly fell into music writing soon after graduating in Journalism and Public Relations, left her first copywriting job and followed the music to London for 2 years. She gained valuable experience, writing about electronic music culture, interviewing top music artists and eventually, moved into the PR side of music industry marketing, working on international promotion campaigns. Holly now calls creative Cape Town her home. She ran the Digital PR and content for a music magazine before moving back into Adland, and now indulges her inner gadget gal, content fiend and culture curator in Digital and Social Media. Never too far away from her wordy obsession, she writes freelance and is, as ever, intrigued by popular and underground cultures, and the creative process. Ultimately, she wants to capture it all in novels and every day brings another inspiring anecdote to write about.