Devon Concar

Devon Concar
Community Engagement
TSL / TEDxIn a Box (OnTheRoad)
Devon is a social development addict, often very closely tied in to the African Responsible Tourism industry. Having grown up in a small coal mining town, in The Land of The Rising Sun (Mpumalanga, South Africa) he is acutely aware that, key to sustainable management and engagement with our natural surroundings, human perception is one of the most powerful elements in today's world. Having lived in environs ranging from the iconic, bustling human settlement of London, to a sleepy Greek Island, to a juxtaposed luscious Mozambican wilderness and an innovatively inspiring Cape Town, Devon endeavours to allocate his energies in attempts to promote the development of human consciousness. His favourite TED Talks: 'The Paradox of Choice' by Barry Schwartz & 'The Danger of a Single Story' by Chimamanda Adichie.
Devon Concar
Community Engagement | TSL / TEDxIn a Box (OnTheRoad)
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