Camille de Villiers

Camille de Villiers
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Having traveled abroad prior to university studies, I worked in multiple awards winning co-working spaces, refining my passion for visual communication and marketing within the creative field. Primarily focusing on projects reflecting an environmental and sustainable cause. I am currently studying Visual Communications, resulting in learning consequential skills relating to all creative software. I approach my projects through the mindset that creativity is never singleminded and that communication is vital in all aspects of strategizing within design and marketing. Personally, I enjoy any activity that can allow me to switch off from the digital world, letting me focus on the smaller things in life, such as overcast sunsets and drink with friends. One of my favorite all-time TED talks, is Ken Robinson's talk, "Do schools kill creativity?" Reason for this being one of my favorite TED talks, is due to my connection with the topic, having been a creative individual within the current education system and my personal perception of how the youthful generation should be educated within today's society.
Camille de Villiers
Events & Audience | Creative & Design
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