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Anastasia united with the TEDxCapeTown family in February 2020. Having just entered her prime twenties she struggles to juggle the freedom of being able to do almost ANYTHING, but not having the time to do EVERYTHING! Thus, her favourite chocolate is a Bar-One... with the slogan "For a 25-HOUR day!". She is a Nature- and Universe lover and is fascinated with everything from the tiniest to largest of things. Her ideal 25-hour day would be spent scuba diving, hiking, or basically doing anything in the great outdoors. If the weather doesn't allow then she enjoys jazz music, dancing, yoga, playing guitar and reading. She is an active supporter of environmental conservation and a (not-so-active) lover of travel and cooking. She also dabbles in the wonders of Quantum Physics, Cosmology, Holistic/ Spiritual development, and Psychology. She hopes to continue to learn and grow throughout her life on all levels, and in return use this wisdom and knowledge to give back to the universe. Her favourite TED Talk is: 'The Art of Asking', by Amanda Palmer
Anastasia Solstice
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