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Yousemble is a fantastic website platform that allows you to customize your very own website. It is easy to use, provides advanced features, SEO optimized and is a saving grace to anyone starting a business or needing a website 'facelift'. Yousemble has, in a very short time, become as much a strategic partner in driving TEDx to the masses as the sponsor of some TEDx websites, like TEDxSeaPoint. We are very proud to be associated with the Yousemble team, as they embody the spirit of TEDx as much as the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation. 'Our goal as a company is to continually create a low cost alternative for clients, by providing them with an extensive infrastructure, security, support and a powerful platform to work from. This in turn allows you our client to customize and adapt your website based on your companies requirements and easily expand when you choose, while continuing to evolve with the latest web technologies. We are a team of designers, developers and entrepreneurs that are passionate about helping online businesses measure, grow and monetize. The team’s experience comes from various backgrounds and technologies. As a result, we have hands-on understanding of developing solutions for high-end web applications.' Start your new website now, by visiting