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WSP is a design, engineering and management consultancy renowned for its innovative culture and commitment to excellence on every project. Their latest initiative is 'Future Cities'. Did you know that within the next twenty years, three quarters of the world’s population will be living in cities – half of us already do? Existing cities are going through a massive process of expansion, development and regeneration while new cities are literally rising from the ground in some parts of the world. To be sustainable, a city must address environmental, social and economic concerns while adapting to future change and growth and being connected by state of the art technology and infrastructure. WSP has the range and depth of skills and knowledge to develop specialist and integrated solutions for a sustainable future at every level of the urban environment. WSP acts as advisors and service providers and their extensive experience ranges from developing strategy for future cities, to project management, to designing the engineering solutions on the ground. They also collaborate with key partners from other disciplines to ensure delivery of the most integrated, highest quality and most innovative solutions for sustainable urban projects. WSP works with governments to develop environmental standards and legislation for sustainable development and construction; with city authorities, planners and developers to realise complex sustainability goals for existing and new cities and developments; with transport authorities to create efficient travel networks; with businesses and organisations to advise on mitigating and adapting to climate change; with power suppliers to support the development of new and natural ways of producing energy; and with architects to design high performance green buildings. In short, WSP is helping to develop and deliver winning cities that will ensure economic, environmental and social progress for today and for future generations.