Old Mutual


Old Mutual’s strong entrepreneurial spirit can be traced back to 1845, when the company was founded by John Fairbairn – without initial capital other than the premiums of its first 166 policyholders. Today, Old Mutual services the savings and investment needs of 12 million clients, is listed on the FTSE 100, and operates in 33 countries. Faithful to its roots, the company continues to foster entrepreneurship via skills training and small business support – providing opportunities for integrating marginalised South Africans into the mainstream economy. It further remains dedicated to its responsibilities as a good corporate citizen, actively investing in our communities and natural environment. From the TEDxCapeTown team: When looking for a headline sponsor, it is pertinent to find a suitable partner - one who is alligned to your bigger picture and willing to back your team driving towards this end goal. For TEDxCapeTown, this partner needs to have shown genuine interest and support to the community of changemakers in society. As already evident in their Do Great Things initiative and various efforts around the support of entrepreneurship, we knew we had a good foundation to work off. Following a constructive meeting (conversation) with key members within Old Mutual, who believed in our efforts and bigger picture, we are proud to announce the start of a promising relationship that will enable ideas to be shared, and hopefully ignite inspiration leading to action.