Oasis Water


We are quite literally the local watering hole. A pillar of the community where people from all walks of life come together. Where refreshment and rejuvenation aren’t the only things on offer, but a place where friends and neighbours meet and the sound of water-cooler chatter fills the air. These principles of community are bared out by our business philosophy of a triple bottom line or the three P’s - People, Profit & Planet. Where our success isn’t merely measured in financial terms (Fair Profit) but also by what we do to uplift the community (People) and conserve and improve our environment as a whole (Planet). To say that we are in the business of bottling water is kind of like saying Ferraris are red, or swimsuit models are attractive. Not untrue, but not the full story either. Technically, the treatment process we use is called reverse osmosis. We however like to refer to it as SUPERCHARGING. That’s because our filtration process ensures that our water is not only filtered and purified, but also enriched with a turbo charged form of oxygen called ozone. And we want everyone to have access to our phenomenal water. Always have. Ever since we started in 2003 with one little store our goal has always been the same. To ensure that people have access to a safe and healthy alternative drinking water source that they can afford to use every day. Oasis Water is super happy to be involved with TEDxCapeTown 2013 because we believe no one should have a dry throat or drink bad water at such a wonderful, live speaker event (and secretly, we too hope to facilitate your inspiring water-cooler chatter between breaks).