Moving Sushi

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Past Sponsors of TEDxCapeTown

Inspired by the TEDxSeaPoint conference, themed, OCEANS INSPIRATION, where high impact individuals form South Africa, India, Australia, Kenya and Tanzania showcased awe inspiring marine stories/initiatives and ideas, MOVING SUSHI decided to take a step in creating 5 expeditions based on ingenious ideas showcased during the TEDxSeaPoint events. The concept really is, “ideas into action and action formulating change, positive change.” At TEDxSeaPoint 2012, Dr. Caine Delacy presented a concept on Sterio-imaging (, a revolutionary method that has the potential to transform the way we understand and manage and protect our marine resources. Now Dr. Delacy and MOVING SUSHI have transformed his presentation, his idea into reality, creating the GREAT EAST AFRICAN MARINE TRANSECT EXPEDITION (2012-2013), the first of 5 incredible initiatives.