Merah Mas Industrial Biotech

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Merah Mas pursues an integrated approach to education, waste management and profitability. Specifically, Merah Mas aims to combine adventure sport and tourism to educate both tourists and the local public about science, while making it fun. Merah Mas believes wastewater treatment can be used to aesthetic effect in a landscaping application while educating about biotechnology and contributing to service delivery. We want to develop entrepreneurs who build ecosystems not empires, who work with the big picture and not in spite of it, and see Nature as model, measure and mentor, and not something that needs to be protected by locking it away. Merah Mas is involved with TEDxCapeTown because we're passionate about connecting people and ideas to change the way we think about waste. We want people to start talking about processes that effect them, so we teach students how to market the science, and make business sense out of it. Students often have the technical expertise but they don’t know how to tell the public about it. This is a communication skill that they need and we believe TEDxCapeTown contributes to that.