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Secondary is Cape Town's best friend that enables you to make exciting discoveries around the corner. What is its ethos? “Each and every time, one thing you don't want to miss.” and “un-clicking the clique-iness”, says it all. \nAt around 6-7 million (!) readers per year on the site alone (of which 40% are foreign readers) is one of the biggest destination ambassadors for Cape Town both locally and globally. Add to that over 25 000 followers on Instagram, almost 100 000 Twitter followers as well as 1.2-million post views on Facebook each month, and you can clearly see that it’s in it for everyone. \n\nWhether it's things to do on the weekend, real gems of events on public holidays, those new and special places opening up or niche events, makes the real effort not only to feature something exceptional, but also do it in a way that works, together with its readers.