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At Blink Tower, we make short, animated videos that explain your business, products and ideas in a way that anyone can understand. They look great, they’re bursting with character and they take people from “Huh?” to “Aha!” in less time than it takes to reheat pizza! Instead of all those dreary, jargon-filled Powerpoint presentations, we help you come up with a character-filled story that answers all the toughest questions, like “What is it?” and “How does it work?” By the time our animators have hung up their pens, you’ve got your very own tasty explainer video that shows people exactly why they need you. It’ll wow clients, win you fans and impress potential investors. Our small but noisy team of explanation ninjas handle all aspects of production – crafting every new explainer from start to finish. So if you want a super slick video of your very own, get in touch! We've collaborated with TEDxCapeTown and TEDxSeaPoint to produce a TEDx explainer video, because it is really important that people know all about ideas worth spreading! You can watch it here.