Vega Brand Challenge: New perspective on building the TEDxCapeTown brand

Vega Brand School logo


This year TEDxCapeTown was selected by Vega School, a top branding, business, and design institute, to participate in the Vega Brand Challenge.

The annual Brand Challenge takes place over a gruelling five weeks and places students in a real-life workplace environment, where they are assigned a client and given a brief.

After the client briefs are presented, the group of students strategically work towards meeting the needs of the client, by coming up with a holistic campaign to best suit the brand’s needs. This year the TEDxCapeTown team came on board and were sponsored to participate, being assigned three groups of multi-disciplinary students to execute the brief.

Ronell Swartbooi, Brand Communications Lead, explains that TEDxCapeTown’s goal is to ramp up on community engagement, “It’s no longer just about hosting our annual TEDxCapeTown main event or salon events with talks. It’s now about ensuring that TEDxCapeTown offers a brand experience on all of our platforms, all year around.”

At the end of the five weeks, the TEDxCapeTown Brand Communications team were blown away by the three teams and how they conceptualised the brief into relevant campaigns, that would be easy to implement by the TEDxCapeTown team of volunteers. “We look forward to implementing the excellent campaigns developed by the creative students at Vega, early next year,” adds Swartbooi.

“It was such an honour to be a part of the Brand Challenge process because it allowed us to engage with three different creative teams of students that are able to provide us with really fresh, out the box ideas, to improve the TEDxCapeTown brand experience.”

A huge thank you to Vega School for selecting us to participate in the Brand Challenge and a very special thank you to the three groups that took up the challenge - Manchester Badminton Club, Paced, and Aloft. Each one of you blew us away!