#TEDxCT Speaker: Meet Verity Price

Verity Price_TEDxCapeTown_PauseXEffect

Verity is a former singer/songwriter who became one of the forerunners of crowdfunding in South Africa when she sold 2000 copies of her album that ‘didn’t exist’ in 2006. As a result, she is a sought after speaker on innovation and the power of thinking differently, and now owns and runs TAP Results where she’s a full-time speaker and facilitator.

As a strategic thinking facilitator and team alignment expert, she works with organisations and teams across South Africa to help align strategic direction, solve old problems and uncover new ideas. Above all, she is passionate about changing South Africa, one idea at a time.

Her two favourite TEDx talks include Simon Sinek’s, ‘Start With Why’ and Shawn Achor’s ‘Happiness At Work’ - it’s therefore no surprise that she’s inspired by creating opportunities for people to shake up the way they think about things, and seeing just how creative individuals can be when they step outside of their comfort zones.  

We asked Verity what motivated her to be a TEDxCapeTown speaker this year to which she responded, that it stemmed from her desire to share the revelation the Cape Town water crisis gave her. “It was an aha moment that I'd love to share” she ads. Verity says, she looks forward to the opportunity to further explore her idea and to expand on her thinking and speaking.

See Verity’s response to a couple of random questions we asked her:

If you had a superpower what would it be?

To make people instantly be able see their true worth so that they could live their full potential

If you could sing a duet with anyone, who would it be?

Paul McCartney