Meet the WOMxN Behind TEDxCapeTown

Womxn behind TEDxCapeTown

70% of the TEDxCapeTown 2020 active volunteer team includes Womxn from diverse backgrounds. We took a moment to shine a light on our womxn volunteers and asked them to share some key Lockdown Lessons.

Alexandrnya Audagnotti, TEDxCapeTownAlexandrnya Audagnotti, Audience Experience

Founder and Chief Operations Officer of Call 2 Care Organization - Eventing for social change & advocating for sustainable corporate social initiatives at grassroots level.

Lockdown has taught me how much I appreciate slowing down: Taking the time to exercise, sip tea with my partner, and enjoy reading a book. 

It's been great to have time and space to reflect on what needs to change and, more importantly, what to be thankful for. It has also forced me to be present, and mindful of what opportunity to seize now, and who to connect with now - without too much future planning, as who knows what the future holds. Lockdown has brought about a balance that was much needed in my life.

Twitter/ Instagram: @alexandrnya 


Tumi Sineke, TEDxCapeTownTumi Sineke, Curation/ Speaker/ Youth

My job is to understand the systemic challenges that stand in the way of making a lasting change in making the tech ecosystem more diverse and inclusive, then creating programmes that address those systemic challenges.

Lockdown Learnings: I am learning the beauty of silence. I'm finding that the more time I'm spending deliberately contemplating, and not overscheduling my life, I'm able to explore and reflect on myself and my own life in equally freeing and scary ways. 

Twitter/ Instagram: @tumiwc



Ronell Swartbooi, TEDxCapeTownRonell Swartbooi, Brand Communications

I'm a People Connector, neo-generalist and I love any technology that allows humans to do good. My career involves Public Relations, Brand management and Marketing - mainly with tech & innovation businesses.

Lockdown Learnings: I am the only one responsible for my happiness, my growth and that by collaborating with like-minded creative, empathetic people I can consistently fill my cup and pay it forward. 

Twitter/ Instagram: KhoiGeek


Alexandra Jongens, TEDxCapeTownAlex Jongens, Community Engagement

Social innovator at The Safety Lab where we are developing projects to mitigate the impact of violence in communities. Plant lover, problem solver and connector. 

Lockdown Learnings: I’m more comfortable talking about death than a lot of people. I need to save more for my emergency fund. I’m addicted to Ghost Pops. 



Rosal Khoury, TEDxCapeTownRosal Khoury, Partnerships

I'm a scientist turned sales manager by day and a jazz singer by night.

Lockdown Learnings: It has taught me to be more resilient. And to be grateful for all that I have and to appreciate the little things. 

Instagram: only_rosie_k


Storm Birch, TEDxCapeTownStorm Birch, Brand Communications

Storm is a writer, blogger and content creator. She believes words have the power to change the world and is passionate about digital marketing, brand building and continuous learning.

Lockdown Learnings: Lockdown has silenced much of the noise that filled my daily life. In the wake of the clutter, I've discovered what's most important to me and what's essential to my happiness. 

Twitter: @storms_horizon | Instagram: @stormshorizon


Anastasia Solstice, TEDxCapeTownAnastasia Solstice, The Hive

I’m a student trying to juggle many different interests all within a 24hrs day.

Lockdown Learnings: That it's not a matter of not having time but making time in life.



Babalwa Bezuidenhout, TEDxCapeTownBabalwa Bezuidenhout, Audience Experience

I have a passion for events and currently I’m a sales executive at work at CTICC. I have a passion for creating life changing experiences for people through events.

Lockdown Learnings: That I’m stronger and more patient than I thought. It’s been a crazy season but I keep deciding to make the most of each day. “One day at a time”.

Twitter: @Babs_Freezy | Instagram: babsfreezy_bezuid



Zilungile Mgqibi Gankama, TEDxCapeTownZilungile Mgqibi Gankama, Audience Experience

I'm in the business of creating memorable experiences. #Servitude #Passion #Love #Events #Weddings

Lockdown Learnings: Your health is your wealth. Be kinder to yourself!

Twitter/ Instagram: ZilungileMgqibi


Alexandra Kotchoubei, TEDxCapeTownAlexandra Kotchoubei, Brand Communications

I am a brand strategist in the making currently completing my BCom Honours in Strategic Brand Management at Vega School. Next to that I am the Instagrammer for TEDxCapeTown and social media strategist for [email protected] The two words that get me most excited are ‘collaboration’ and ‘international’ and with that I want to be a part of brands telling stories that connect and travel around the world.

Lockdown Learnings: Time goes by so quickly it’s ridiculous. Don’t waste it, use it wisely.

Twitter/Instagram: @alexakbei


Synty Van HeyningenSynty Van Heyningen, Community Engagement

Recently graduated with a BA in Tourism Management. Besides my part-time creative ventures, I’m also on the hunt for a new adventure abroad.

Lockdown Learnings: That I need to be still in the storm, instead of always wanting to be in control. It’s okay to slow down and let life flow, enjoying the ride, whilst learning  from the lessons that life sometimes throws at us unexpectedly.

Instagram: Synty_vh


Bianca FerreiraBianca Ferreira, Audience Experience

An interest in business and consumer behaviour led me to pursue a career in Fashion Buying. I am passionate about developing people and growing brands, energised by learning and value diverse viewpoints and collaborative thinking.

Lockdown Learnings: I have realised both how little I need and how much I have.

Twitter/ Instagram: @LifeofBianca


Carla Zan, TEDxCapeTownCarla Zan, Brand Communications

I am a final year graphic design student, born in Durban and living in Cape Town. I love being creative, being in nature and being a life-long learner.

Lockdown Learnings: That I can overcome many challenges. That I am stronger than I thought.

Instagram: @carla_zan


Cheyanne Ho, TEDxCapeTownCheyanne Ho , Curation / Speakers 

Always seeking for ways to improve the employee experience in organizations. And having fun while doing it.

Lockdown Learnings: A stronger sense of patience and also, the importance of self-love & mental well being. 

Instagram: @cheyanneho



Elena Williams, TEDxCapeTownElena Williams, Partnerships

Dedicated public servant and global gallivanter. Passionate about economic development, the power of global trade to uplift lives, supporting underserved communities like the one I came from, and supporting the next generation of women into leadership.

Lockdown Learnings: I have collected the most amazing global tribe who can be thousands of miles apart yet unwaveringly there for each other, good days and bad.

Twitter/ Instagram: @elenainzafrica




Hilmarie Stephenson, TEDxCapeTownHilmarie Stephenson, Speaker (Coach Coordinator)

Client Partner at graylink where I attempt to narrow the gap between tech and humans and have a passion to add value through consulting, training and engagement. I tolerate my two fur kids, but adore my husband. Together we enjoy living life to the fullest.

Lockdown Learnings: Togetherness can be experienced in more ways than one. 

Twitter / Instagram: @hilmariest 



Molli McGee, TEDxCapeTownMolli McGee, Brand communications

I’m a content marketer currently based in the US but lived in Cape Town for 6 years. I’m a surfer, lgbtq+ advocate, and am passionate about elevating marginalised voices in any way that I can!

Lockdown Learnings: Being comfortable in your own skin is one of the most empowering feelings in the world. 

Instagram: @mollimcgee


Loren Shapiro, TEDxCapeTownLoren Shapiro, Partnerships

I am a storyteller and general opportunist on a mission to capture stories that need to be told. I am passionate about using words to shift mindsets and behaviours in the direction of greater social good.

Lockdown has taught me that I am so much more than my career. I am less in control than I thought (I panicked and adopted a cat). I can make myself laugh (who needs people?) and online shopping is a great alternative to company.

Instagram: @lorenshaps


Nicola Polmans, TEDxCapeTownNicola Polmans, Audience Experience

I am an interior designer but have started an outdoor products brand during lockdown. Single mom to two awesome kids and a rescue cat 😊

Lockdown Learnings: You don’t need to fill your time up! I used to have things planned every day and now I am getting used to just being home and slowing the pace. It’s peaceful.

Instagram: @nicola_j_ms | @Sprung_ZA


Octavia Ndlovu, TEDxCapeTownOctavia Ndlovu, Brand Communications 

To be a part of the process of telling people’s stories with the intention of trying to uplift the voiceless and bringing change is the reason why I chose this career.

Lockdown Learnings: It has taught me that healing is a process and it takes time. 

Twitter: @octivation24  | Instagram: _n.octavia_



Sarka Svoboda, TEDxCapeTownSarka Svoboda, Brand Communications

A mobile photographer, videographer. A #TEDxCT Volunteer that's here to help #IdeasWorthSpreading reach far beyond this amazing team.

Lockdown Learnings:

It has taught me that we truly only have this minute to be in - not yesterday nor tomorrow. #Lockdown has also imposed introspection on me - it made for a rather bumpy journey getting there.

Twitter/ Instagram: @SarkaSvoboda


Ruby Daniels, TEDxCapeTownRuby Daniels, Brand Communications

An aspiring photographer with a background of graphic design who often finds herself dipping her feet in the different fields the industry has to offer. Last born, Aunt of 8, loves traveling and spending time with the people who make her laugh.

Lockdown has taught me to pay attention to myself, patience and that I'm capable of achieving the things I used to doubt.

Instagram: @rubyroxanne08



Leatt Bohbot, TEDxCapeTownLeatt Bohbot, Community Engagement

Passion for learning and growth, and developing our beautiful youth!

Lockdown Learnings: Phew - where do we start. Self love and service!

Instagram: Mywildheart.insta



Lynn CupidoLynn Cupido , Brand Communications

I’m a freelance writer who enjoys writing about anything entertainment related. A television and movie junkie who loves analyzing a good conspiracy theory.

Lockdown Learnings: That I can be quite critical of myself and I need to learn to slow down and be a bit more gentle with myself. 

Instagram: Lynnmichellec 




Semakaleng 'Sema' MogoboaSemakaleng 'Sema' Mogoboa, Community Engagement 

I moved from Johannesburg to Cape town to pursue my Film career ambitions and ended up falling for the city, it's people and ocean. I am a film and television director, writer and off-line editor, and an all round creative passionate about social justice issues.

Lockdown Learnings: Do not be afraid to ask for help. You are not an inconvenience.

Twitter: @semakamms | Instagram: @Mogoboa