Accenture Demonstrate Innovation at TEDxCapeTown 2015

Accenture South Africa, Suren Govender, Lee Naik

This year’s TEDxCapeTown event which is themed (Open [Access) Control], will open up the stage to an impressive line-up of select speakers sharing their powerful ideas that have the ability to help shape the world and influence our future.

As Accenture partners with the largest TEDx event on the African continent, we are proud to demonstrate and share our contributions to innovation. Accenture strongly identifies with the ethos of TEDx which exists to discuss ideas worth spreading. Most organisations we come into contact with are sold on the idea of innovation as a way to get ahead of the game. And yet, very few come up with (or go for) the sort of ground-breaking change that we all understand by true innovation. Entrepreneurship takes something and makes it bigger, better, extending markets. Innovation works off creating white spaces, disrupting markets and building unique opportunities.

We now see that South African companies are beginning to apply innovation to their businesses more over the business-as-usual requirement for entrepreneurship, especially as they recognise that innovation is crucial in order to remain continentally and globally-competitive. The rate of access to innovation is being accelerated by the ‘connected world’ with connected devices, connected people and connected machines to create new products, customers and value propositions.

Accenture defines innovation as the translation of a good idea into a tangible outcome (financial, social or environmental) to support the creation of stakeholder value. Against the backdrop of increasing volatility and growing competition fuelled by globalisation, only organisations that seamlessly integrate innovation into everything they do (including their from suppliers and into their customer paradigms will secure sustainable growth to create a competitive advantage.

It is against this background, that in the coming weeks, we will be launching #Innovment - a collaborative online platform enabling a wide spectrum of South African companies, government and citizens to rally behind innovative ideas, bringing collaborative solutions to market faster in order to solve our persistent problems, ignite economic growth and improve society. Ideally, #Innovment is our call-to-action towards igniting GDP growth by connecting and inspiring unlikely idea partners and ultimately, stimulating job creation by facilitating disruptive ideation. It involves each one of us and requires a commitment to see a better South Africa Inc.

At TEDxCapeTown 2015, we look forward to engaging with various thought leaders, business leaders and innovators to share insights whilst deriving best-for-South-Africa solutions, extending the inclusive nature of #Innovment as we strive for a dynamic continent.