4 #TEDxCT Talks That Will Make You Proud To Be South African

Heritage blog, TEDxCapeTown

Throughout our nation’s history, we have faced moments of inflection--moments when we’ve had to decide who we are and what we stand for as a country; as a people. So how have we, a nation with memories of a painful past and questions about our identity, come to see ourselves? 

South Africa has always celebrated who we are through the very concept that once tore us apart.

It’s the differences--the diversity, that leads to innovation and creativity…  - Myrna Lewis, TEDxCapeTown stage 2015, ‘Mining the gold of conflict’

And celebrate it we should. Every heritage month, we’re presented with an opportunity to consider what makes us uniquely South African. If diversity breeds creativity and new ideas, then our diversity has the potential to be one of our greatest strengths. 

Check out these 4 inspirational TEDxCapeTown talks that will make you proud to be South African this Heritage Month:

If you can’t speak the truth, you can’t heal the trauma.

In his 2016 talk ‘Healing trauma through truth,’ Carlo Randall discusses his passion for healing, and how nurturing our traumas is key to moving forward.

For us to design a better country, we first need to redesign ourselves to be more purposeful.

In his 2014 talk ‘Designing a better country,’ Tasos Calantzis shares how a small group of designers is achieving astonishing transformation by attempting to redesign an entire country.

Despite who we are and where we come from, we all like to be approached with dignity and respect.

In his 2015 talk ‘Why do we have to move out?’ Sizwe Mxobo shares the ways in which challenges can be addressed within informal settlements, and how broader humanity can learn from the insights gained. 

It is the reason we all must keep creating; whether it’s art or whether we’re designing bridges...this world is our home, and it’s people are our family. 

In her 2014 talk ‘Growing young,’ singer and songwriter, Zolani Mahola, takes us on a personal journey from township to centre stage. 

From the Khoi, to the inception of the Cape Colony; from the Soweto Uprisings, to the election of Nelson Mandela as President. Our country has experienced times of great triumph, and also ones of great adversity. This is all part of our story. We do not need to forget the past, but rather acknowledge and learn from it, so that we can move forward as a nation into the future.

For more inspirational talks, visit https://tedxcapetown.org/videos.