Loren Shapiro

Loren Shapiro
2 IC / Relationship Manager
Current team member
Born in JHB, I moved to Cape Town to study my Hon in Organisation Psychology, focusing on change management. I am deeply passionate about human behaviour and understanding what makes people tick. I have been freelancing for 1 year doing everything from marketing to strategy development and am constantly looking to grow and learn from those around me, developing my change management skills and building my business - this energises me. I consider myself a Simon Sinek groupie, always asking WHY. Some of my favourite hobbies include travel, photography, boxing and drawing/art. Favourite TED talk: Ken Robinson - Do schools kill creativity. He's an eloquent (and witty) speaker but he also asks the tough questions that get you thinking beyond your comfort zone (which, to me is the definition of a great teacher). He explains how creativity has no boundaries and this enables those previously pigeonholed-holed by society, to thrive within their respective fields. Education is a cause I am interested in - especially challenging the current system as it stands.