Workshop 17


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Session 1: 09h00

Carryn Ortlepp

TED, TEDx and why there's magic in the room

Gill Grose

For the love of books

Penni Cox

Be curious. Be connected

Preston Jongbloed

Mentorship Rebooted

Break: 10h30 -11h00


Session 2: 11h00

Ndoni Mcunu

What does it mean for society when women walk away from science?

Adewale Adejumo

Embracing the only thing that is constant

Roeshdien Jaz


Lauren Jacobs

A Forgotten History: Where Are our Women?

Tegan Phillips

The Funny Thing About Courage

Lunch Break: 12h30 -14h00


Session 3: 14h00

Nicki Spies

Sex. Let's start the conversation

Angel Campey


Jared Molko

Adapting to an AI World

Cindy Mkaza-Siboto

Averting disaster through a simple homegrown solution

Verity Price

The Gift of Inconvenience

 Break: 15h30 -16h00


Session 4: 16h00

Dumama & Kechou


Sam Beckbessinger

How to Buy a Private Island

Ruth Hall

Let's Redistribute the Land

Richard Mulholland

Steps vs. Leaps

End: 17h00