Coach at TEDxCapeTown

Who are we looking for?

TEDxCapeTown speakers represent different industries and business sectors, including tech, arts, science and global issues. They represent Cape Town and want to bring new perspectives to the lives of others. Public speaking, however, is not necessarily a natural skill that all speakers have.

Therefore we need able and willing public speaking coaches that can prepare our speakers for the TEDxCapeTown event in July / August 2018.

If you're an able and willing public speaking coach that can do professional one-on-one speaker coaching - you're what we need!

Speaker coaching involves harnessing the power of storytelling, and helping the speaker to become more audience-focused so they can persuade, compel and get people excited about their topic. It will be expected of you to work on speech effects, pitch, posture and gestures and guide the speaker with regards to speech structure and flow. We wish to see all our speakers present their TEDx talks with impact and passion.

Applications closed

This year’s theme: Pause and Effect

John Dewey once said, “We don’t learn through experience, but rather through reflecting on experiences.

There is power in pausing, taking cognisance and realising we have choices in why and how we develop. The result of pausing is often a more mindful approach to what happens after. It’s a regenerative ethos as opposed to a linear, goal oriented busyness. From technology, ideology, economy, psychology and social justice, human society is experiencing tilts and shifts. There’s a world-wide need to stop, think and question.

In this pausing, there are many questions we can ask ourselves and reflect on: what am I feeling? What do I want to achieve and is this in line with the direction I’m heading in right now? Am I prioritising my well-being through my actions and the people I’m surrounding myself with?

Getting started

Empower yourself by making sure that you fully understand what these type of events are all about. Remember: It is so much more that the average conference, rather it is more like a filmed production dedicated to ideas worth spreading.

Begin by:

What commitment is expected from speaker coaches?

Dates to commit to as a TEDxCapeTown 2018 speaker coach:

  • 1 April - Speaker coach applications close
  • 15-31 March - Interviews
  • 7-8 April - Speaker coach workshop
  • April / May - Speaker workshop 1
  • Ongoing - Individual appointments with speaker
  • April / May - Speaker workshop 2
  • June - Dry runs
  • July / August - Event

Dates are subject to change based on how your talk journey goes and if changes are needed. These are the guidelines, and the number of events you will be expected to attend to give you an idea of the input required. We are flexible and accommodating, but we do expect a high level of commitment from speakers and speaker coaches alike. Please note: We expect you to take part in the process to prepare your speaker for the intellectual performance of their career.

Applications closed